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PSO optimization on backpropagation for fish catch production prediction

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Oleh : Yuslena Sari, Eka Setya Wijaya, Andreyan Rizky Baskara, Rico Silas Dwi Kasanda, Telkomnika
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Keyword : backpropagation; climate change; fish production prediction; particle swarm optimization; RMSE;
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Global climate change is an issue that is enough to grab the attention of the world community. This is mainly because of the impact it has on human life. The impact that is felt also occurs in waters on the South Kalimantan region. This is of course can disrupt the productivity of fish in the marine waters of South Kalimantan. This study aims to make fish catch production prediction models based on climate change in the South Kalimantan Province because the amount of productivity of marine fish has fluctuated. This study uses climate data as input and fish production as output which is divided into two, namely training and testing data. Then the prediction is conducted using Backpropagation method combined with Particle Swarm Optimization method. The results of the study produced a prediction model with RMSE of 0.0909 with a combination of parameters used, namely, C1: 2, C2: 2, w: 0.7, learning rate: 0.5, Momentum: 0.1, Particles: 5, and epoch: 500. While the model used when predicting testing data produces RMSE of 0.1448

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