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Adaptive order search and tangent-weighted trade-off for motion estimation in H.264

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Oleh : Srinivas Bachu, K. Manjunath Achari, King Saud University
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Keyword : Block motion estimation, Square search, Hexagon search , H.264, Video coding
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Motion estimation and compensation play a major role in video compression to reduce the temporal redundancies of the input videos. A variety of block search patterns have been developed for matching the blocks with reduced computational complexity, without affecting the visual quality. In this paper, block motion estimation is achieved through integrating the square as well as the hexagonal search patterns with adaptive order. The proposed algorithm is called, AOSH (Adaptive Order Square Hexagonal Search) algorithm, and it finds the best matching block with a reduced number of search points. The searching function is formulated as a trade-off criterion here. Hence, the tangent-weighted function is newly developed to evaluate the matching point. The proposed AOSH search algorithm and the tangent-weighted trade-off criterion are effectively applied to the block estimation process to enhance the visual quality and the compression performance. The proposed method is validated using three videos namely, football, garden and tennis. The quantitative performance of the proposed method and the existing methods is analysed using the Structural SImilarity Index (SSIM) and the Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR). The results prove that the proposed method offers good visual quality than the existing methods.

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