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The design of a smart home controller based on ADALINE

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Oleh : Puji Catur Siswipraptini, Rosida Nur Aziza, Iriansyah Sangadji, Indrianto Indrianto, Telkomnika
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Keyword : ADALINE; home automation; IoT; neural network; smart home
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This paper proposes a prototype of an improved smart home controller that implements a neural network-based algorithm for enabling the controller to make decisions and act based on the current condition. Unlike previous approaches, this design also utilizes the use of IoT (internet of thing) technology and neural network based-algorithm for developing the controller. Since a smart home is equipped with various sensors, actuators, smart appliances, and mobile terminals, all of these devices need to be connected to the Internet to be able to communicate and provide services for its occupants. The construction of the proposed controller is carried out through several procedures, i.e. the implementation of the ADALINE (adaptive linear) as the neural network method, the design of the smart home controller prototype, and the validation process using mean average percentage error (MAPE) calculation. This prototype integrates functionalities of several household appliances into one application controlled by a smartphone. ADALINE is applied as an algorithm to predict output when the controller is in automatic mode. Although the obtained accuracy value is still not satisfactory, the value is bound to change when testing on more data. The work published in this paper may encourage the implementation of smart technology in more households in Indonesia.

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