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Cleveree: an artificially intelligent web service for Jacob voice chatbot

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Keyword : cosine similarity, LSTM, stacked residual, textrank, web service
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Jacob is a voice chatbot that use to get the context of the question and give an answer based on that context. However, Jacob has no variation in answer and could not recognize the context well if it has not been learned previously by the Thus, this paper proposes two features of artificial intelligence (AI) built as a web service: the paraphrase of answers using the Stacked Residual LSTM model and the question summarization using Cosine Similarity with pre-trained Word2Vec and TextRank algorithm. These two features are novel designs that are tailored to Jacob, this AI module is called Cleveree. The evaluation of Cleveree is carried out using the technology acceptance model (TAM) method and interview with Jacob admins. The results show that 79.17% of respondents strongly agree that both features are useful and 72.57% of respondents strongly agree that both features are easy to use.

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