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K-Lookback random-based text encryption technique

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Oleh : Muhammed J. Al-Muhammed, Raed Abu Zitar, King Saud University
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Keyword : Text encryption, Lookback text encryption, Random encryption operations, Security random generator
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Although many encryption methods are available, there is always an ongoing need for more to resist the adversariesÂ’ ever-growing analytical skills and techniques. We propose in this paper an innovative method for text encryption. We devise a random number generation function that creates sequences of signed random numbers that depend on both plaintext and key. The random numbers support the functionality of four random operations: random mutation, random cyclic shifting, random permutation, and dirty symbol random insertion. These operations ensure the data security by steadily melting the statistical structure of plaintext and relationships to a key. The experiments with our prototype implementation showed that our method has high effectiveness (in terms of diffusion, confusion, avalanche) and high efficiency with respect to the computation demands.

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