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Average dynamical frequency behaviour for multi-area islanded micro-grid networks

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Oleh : M. Saifuzam Jamri, Muhammad Nizam Kamarudin, Mohd Luqman Mohd Jamil, Telkomnika
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Keyword : distributed generator, frequency responses, islanded micro-grid, state-space representation, two area networks
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A micro-grid is a part of power system which able to operates in grid or islanding mode. The most important variable that able to give us information about the stability in islanded micro-grid network is the frequency dynamical responses. The frequency analysis for multi-area micro-grid network model may involve a complicated of mathematical equations. This makes the researcher intending to omit several unnecessary parameters in order to simplify the equations. The purpose of this paper is to show an approach to derive the mathematical equations to represent the average behavior of frequency dynamical responses for two different micro-grid areas. Both of networks are assumed to have non-identical distributed generator behavior with different parameters. The prime mover and speed governor systems are augmented with the general swing equation. The tie line model and the information of rotor angle was considered. Then, in the last section, the comparison between this technique with the conventional approach using centre of inertia (COI) technique was defined.

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