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Direct split-radix algorithm for fast computation of type-II discrete Hartley transform

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Oleh : Mounir Taha Hamood, Telkomnika
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Keyword : decimation-in-time approach, discrete Hartley transform, generalized DHTs, split radix algorithm, type-II DHT (DHT-II)
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In this paper, a novel split-radix algorithm for fast calculation the discrete Hartley transform of type-II (DHT-II) is intoduced. The algorithm is established through the decimation in time (DIT) approach, and implementedby splitting a length N of DHT-II into one DHT-II of length N/2 for even-indexed samples and two DHTs-II of length N/4 for odd-indexed samples. The proposed algorithm possesses the desired properties such as regularity, inplace calculation and it is represented by simple closed form decomposition sleading to considerable reductions in the arithmetic complexity compared to the existing DHT-II algorithms. Additionally, the validity of the proposed algorithm has been confirmed through analysing the arithmetic complexityby calculating the number of real additions and multiplications and associating it with the existing DHT-II algorithms.

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