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Dynamic multiagent method to avoid duplicated information at intersections in VANETs

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Oleh : Mohammed I. Habelalmateen, A. H. Abbas, L. Audah, N. A. M. Alduais, Telkomnika
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Keyword : clustering algorithm; data dissemination; intelligent transportation system (ITS); multiagent; vehicular ad hoc network (VANET);
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Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) allow vehicles to contact one another to provide safety and comfort applications. However, mobility is a great challenge in VANETs. High vehicle speed causes topological changes that result in unstable networks. Therefore, most previous studies focused on using clustering techniques in roads to reduce the effect of vehicle mobility and enhance network stability. Vehicles stop moving at intersections, and their mobility does not impact clustering. However, none of previous studies discussed the impact of vehicle stopping at intersections on base stations (BSs). Vehicles that have stopped moving at intersections continue to send the same information to BSs, which causes duplicated information. Hence, this study proposes a new method named dynamic multiagent (DMA) to filter cluster information and prevent duplicated information from being sent to BSs at intersections. The performance of the proposed method was evaluated through simulations during the use of DMA and without-DMA (W-DMA) methods based on real data collected from 10 intersections in Batu Pahat City, Johor, Malaysia. Overall, the proposed DMA method results in a considerable reduction in duplicated information at intersections, with an average percentage of 81% from the W-DMA method.

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