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Recognizing emotional state of user based on learning method and conceptual memories

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Oleh : Maytham N. Meqdad, Fardin Abdali-Mohammadi, Seifedine Kadry, Telkomnika
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Keyword : adaptive color interface, coping strategy, emotion, human-computer interaction, memory, memory-based learning, mood, personality
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With the increased use of computers, electronic devices and human interaction with computer in the broad spectrum of human life, the role of controlling emotions and increasing positive emotional states becomes more prominent. If a user's negative emotions increase, his/her efficiency will decrease greatly as well. Research has shown that colors are to be considered as one of the most influential basic functions in sight, identification, interpretation, perception and senses. It can be said that colors have impact on individuals' emotional states and can change them. In this paper, by learning the reactions of users with different personality types against each color, communication between the user's emotional states and personality and colors were modeled for the variable "emotional control". For the sake of learning, we used a memory-based system with the user’s interface color changing in accordance with the positive and negative experiences of users with different personalities. The end result of comparison of the testing methods demonstrated the superiority of memory-based learning in all three parameters of emotional control, enhancement of positive emotional states and reduction of negative emotional states. Moreover, the accuracy of memory- based learning method was almost 70 percent.

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