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Optimization of image compression and ciphering based on EZW techniques

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Oleh : Majid S. Naghmash, Nazar J. Alhyani, Ali M. Kadhim, Telkomnika
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Keyword : DCT; embedded zero tree of wavelet; LFST; vector quantization;
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This paper presents the design and optimization of image compression and ciphering depend on optimized embedded zero tree of wavelet (EZW) techniques. Nowadays, the compression and ciphering of image have become particularly important in a protected image storage and communication. The challenge is put in application for both compression and encryption where the parameters of images such as quality and size are critical in secure image transmission. A new technique for secure image storage and transmission is proposed in this work. The compression is achieved by remodel the EZW scheme combine with discrete cosine transform (DCT). Encrypted the XOR ten bits by initial threshold of EZW with random bits produced from linear-feedback shift register (LFSR). The obtained result shows that the suggested techniques provide acceptable compression ratio, reduced the computational time for both compression and encryption, immunity against the statistical and the frequency attacks.

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