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Basis Path Testing of Iterative Deepening Search and Held-Karp on Pathfinding Algorithm

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Oleh : I Gede Surya Rahayuda Ni Putu Linda Santiari, STIKOM Dinamika Bangsa Jambi
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Keyword : Held-Karp, Iterative Deepening Search, Basis Path,Cyclomatic complexcity, Graph Matrix
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This research is a continuation of previous research, where in previous research discussed about the implementation of Iterative Deepening Search and Held-Karp Method. Both

methods are compared based on the results obtained. While in the current study, research is more focused on the analysis of the program flow that has been made. Evaluation is done by using basis path method, there are several processes performed on the method,such as: flowgraph, independent path, cyclomatic complexity and graph matrix. In addition to the evaluation of program flow, evaluation is also done based on program performance. Performance tests are based, time, cpu and memory. Based on the evaluation using the base path, obtained flowgraph structure and independent path different, but

obtained the result of cyclomatic complexcity and graph matrix calculation of the same between Iterative Deepening Search and Held-Karp method is 4. Based on evaluation in

terms of performance, process the program from entering data and until getting the result,the Held-Karp method takes a longer time than the Iterative Deepening Search method.The Iterative Deepening Search method takes 2.7 seconds while the Held-Karp method

takes 2.8 seconds.

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