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The Image Retrieval Object Ganesha Image using Invariant Moment Method

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Oleh : Hendro Nugroho, Eka Prakarsa Mandyartha, STIKOM Dinamika Bangsa Jambi
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Keyword : The Statue of Arca Ganesha, Image Retrieval, Moment Invariant, Roberts Edge Detection, Manhattan
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In the findings of the statue of Ganesha in Trowulan Mojokerto area is no longer intact,because the statue of Ganesha is found to have been on the surface of soil or underground, so the archaeologist is very difficult to categorize the findings. This research proposes to
overcome the above problems it is necessary to the Image Retrieval system (image retrieval) that can provide information about the results of the discovery of such historic objects. For the image taken as Image Retrieval as an example of research trials is the Ganesha statue. From the Ganesha Statue is searched for feature extraction value by using Moment Invariant method, after which to get the result of image retrieval using Manhattan method. Image Retrieval information system work is image of Ganesa statue in preprocessing with size 200x260 pixel BMP, then image in edge detection using Roberts method and extraction of Moment Invariant feature and inserted into database as data
training. For data testing the same process with data training so searched the closest distance using Manhattan method. From the results of 15 image testing statues Ganesha level to the accuracy of the true states there is 62% and stated wrong 38%. Research can be further developed using various methods to improve image retrieval accuracy.

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