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Performance assessment of an optimization strategy proposed for power systems

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Oleh : Harold Puin, Cesar Hernandez, Telkomnika
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Keyword : artificial neural network; newton Raphson; optimization; power system;
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In the present article, the selection process of the topology of an artificial neural network (ANN) as well as its configuration are exposed. The ANN was adapted to work with the Newton Raphson (NR) method for the calculation of power flow and voltage optimization in the PQ nodes of a 10-node power system represented by the IEEE 1250 standard system. The purpose is to assess and compare its results with the ones obtained by implementing ant colony and genetic algorithms in the optimization of the same system. As a result, it is stated that the voltages in all system nodes surpass 0,99 p.u., thus representing a 20% increase in the optimal scenario, where the algorithm took 30 seconds, of which 9 seconds were used in the training and validation processes of the ANN.

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