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Hierarchical Clustering for Functionalities E-Commerce Adoption

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Oleh : Evi Triandini, Fajar Astuti Hermawati, I Ketut Putu Suniantara, Kursor
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Keyword : Functionality e-commerce, Hierarchical clustering, E-commerce adoption
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Web functionality is one driver for e-commerce adoption. It has appeared the level of technological capabilities as well as the accentuation of the strategy put on ecommerce by the organization. Web functionality is related to the level of e-commerce relocation. A website with more functionality will give way better benefits for shoppers and trade partners. Functionalities of the web are components that support the achievement of adoption benefits. Hierarchical clustering and ranking availability of e-commerce functionality is a challenging task. Ward Linkage algorithm was used to measure distance. This study proposed to get a grouping of e-commerce functionalities that influence e-commerce adoption and to get the ranking of the groups that most influence the achievement of these benefits. The result shows that functionalities that support the achievement of every benefit of e-commerce have been clustered into two or three clusters, where each cluster also has been ranked to facilitate the achievement of these benefits. The contribution of this research is to produce recommendations on the existence of some e-commerce functionalities that must be actively accessed by users so that the benefits of using e-commerce to manage the user’s business can be achieved. The novelty of this study is a grouping of ecommerce functionality that must be available and actively accessed by users. At present, there are no studies that examining this study

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