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The Algorithm Of Giving Automatic Harakat On Arabic Script

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Oleh : Dini Hidayatul Qudsi Maksum Ro’is Adin Saf, STIKOM Dinamika Bangsa Jambi
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Keyword : : Algorithm, Arabic Grammar (Nahwu Sharf Science), Cyclomatic Complexity Testing, Harakat
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The majority of Arabic reference books in Arabic writing without a vowel/harakat cause students to have difficulty in learning Arabic. Reading Arabic Script without harakat
requires an understanding of the science of Nahwu-Sharf (Arabic Grammar) to be able to understand its contents. Therefore, in this study the basic rules of Nahwu-Sharf Science have been translated into an algorithm that can be used to provide an automatic harakat on Arabic script (without harakat). Based on the interview results with the expert, six examples of sentences that represented the types(conditions) of basic sentences in the Arabic language have been used as scenarios to examine the generated algorithm. The allowed sentence is limited to one sentence only and cannot be in the form of poetry or satire. Additionally, Cyclomatic Complexity Testing is used to examine scenarios in a test case. All the steps of the Cyclomatic Complexity have been performed, which are creating the flowgraph, calculating the independent path, and testing scenario. The scenarios were examined in a test case through 13-path test case examination and result match with expected output. In addition, 24 examples which represented the six conditions have been utilized to examine for more detailed analysis and also results accuracy 100% in accordance with the basic rules of Nahwu-Sharf science.

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