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Generalized Intuitionistic Fuzzy Ideals of -algebras Based on -valued Logic and Its Computational Study

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Keyword : -algebras Intuitionistic fuzzy ideal Fuzzy points Cut sets of intuitionistic fuzzy sets Lukasiewicz implication operator
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On the basis of cut sets of the grade of membership of fuzzy point to belongingness , or quasi-coincident , or belongingness and quasi-coincident, or belongingness or quasi-coincident to an intuitionistic fuzzy set of , an -intuitionistic fuzzy ideal of is introduced by applying the Lukasiewicz -valued logic, where and . It is shown that an intuitionistic fuzzy set of is an (or or )-intuitionistic fuzzy ideal of if and only if denote an intuitionistic fuzzy ideal with thresholds (or or ) of respectively. It is observed that denote an (or or )-intuitionistic fuzzy ideal of if and only if for any (or or ), then served as fuzzy ideal of respectively. It provided that an intuitiostic fuzzy set is an intuitionistic fuzzy ideal of with thresholds if and only if for any , then the cut set appear as fuzzy ideal of


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