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Towards cognitive artificial intelligence device: an intelligent processor based on human thinking emulation

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Oleh : Catherine Olivia Sereati, Arwin Datumaya Wahyudi Sumari, Trio Adiono, Adang Suwandi Ahmad, Telkomnika
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Keyword : cognitive artificial intelligence, human thinking emulation, intelligent instrumentation, intelligent processor, knowledge growing system
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The intervention of computer technology began the era of a more intelligent and independent instrumentation system based on intelligent methods such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, and genetic algorithm. On the other hand, processor with artificial cognitive ability has also been discovered in 2016. The architecture of the processor was designed based on knowledge growing system (KGS) algorithm, a new concept in artificial intelligence (AI) which is focused on the emulation of the process of the growing of knowledge in human brain after getting new information from human sensory organs. KGS is considered as the main method of a new perspective in AI called as cognitive artificial intelligence (CAI). The design is to obtain the architecture of the data path of the processor. We found that the complexity of the processor circuit is determined by the number of combinations of sensors and hypotheses as the main inputs to the processor. This paper addresses the development of an intelligence processor based on cognitive AI in order to realize an Intelligence Instrumentation System. The processor is implemented in field programmable gate array (FPGA) and able to perform human thinking emulation by using KGS algorithm.

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