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A review on serverless architectures - function as a service (FaaS) in cloud computing

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Keyword : AWS lambda; cloud computing; FaaS; Google cloud function; Microsoft Azure function; serverless computing
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Emergence of cloud computing as the inevitable IT computing paradigm, the perception of the compute reference model and building of services has evolved into new dimensions. Serverless computing is an execution model in which the cloud service provider dynamically manages the allocation of compute resources of the server. The consumer is billed for the actual volume of resources consumed by them, instead paying for the pre-purchased units of compute capacity. This model evolved as a way to achieve optimum cost, minimum configuration overheads, and increases the application's ability to scale in the cloud. The prospective of the serverless compute model is well conceived by the major cloud service providers and reflected in the adoption of serverless computing paradigm. This review paper presents a comprehensive study on serverless computing architecture and also extends an experimentation of the working principle of serverless computing reference model adapted by AWS Lambda. The various research avenues in serverless computing are identified and presented.

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