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A wavelet based approach for simultaneous compression and encryption of fused images

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Oleh : Ankita Vaish, Sonam Gautam, Manoj Kumar, King Saud University
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Keyword : Image compression, Image fusion, Image encryption, Pseudo random number sequence, Wavelet transform
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This paper presents, a wavelet based technique to compress and secure the fused images in a dependent way. The core idea behind the proposed work lies in the selection of significant and less significant information in the wavelet domain. The significant wavelet coefficients are fused using error measurements while the less significant coefficients are fused by using maximum method, the fused information of significant wavelet coefficients is compressed and encrypted using error measurement and pseudo random number sequences, while the less significant fused coefficients are compressed using a quantizing parameter, the quantized values are pseudo randomly permuted and coded using huffman coding. At receiver side, the fused image can be recovered by using the proposed recovery algorithm. Numerical and visible results demonstrate the superiority of our technique over several other techniques.

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