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Power saving and optimal hybrid precoding in millimeter wave massive MIMO systems for 5G

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Oleh : Abdul Haq Nalband, Mrinal Sarvagy, Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed, Telkomnika
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Keyword : 5G, channel state information, hybrid precoding, massive MIMO, millimeter wave, spatial modulation
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The proliferation of wireless services emerging from use cases offifth-generation(5G) technology is posing many challenges on cellular communicationinfrastructure. They demand to connect a massive number of devices withenhanced data rates. The massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)technology at millimeter-wave (mmWave) in combination with hybrid precodingemerges as a concrete tool to address the requirements of 5G networkdevelopments. But Massive MIMO systems consume significant power fornetwork operations. Hence the prior role is to improve the energy efficiency byreducing the power consumption. This paper presents the power optimizationmodels for massive MIMO systems considering perfect channel state information(CSI) and imperfect CSI. Further, this work proposes an optimal hybrid precodingsolution named extended simultaneous orthogonal matchingpursuit (ESOMP).Simulation results reveal that a constant sum-rate can be achieved in massiveMIMO systems while significantly reducing the power consumption. Theproposed extended SOMPhybrid precoder performsclose to the conventionaldigital beamforming method. Further, modulation schemes compatible withmassive MIMO systems are outlined and their bit error rate (BER) performance isinvestigated

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